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Little S.T.E.M.'s Learning Environnments

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Little Butterflies (2 year )

Our Little Butterflies begin the start of our journey. Here, they will be nurtured and introduced to endless opportunities to grow and explore. Our Little Butterflies will begin to grow and develop skills to help them reach their growth and development milestones. We are excited to be on this learning path with our Little Butterfly families!

Little Cubs (​ 3 years)

Our Explorer Cubs 2-3 year old classroom is designed to kick the STEMMie's brain in to gear! Teaching and learning is directly focused on Missouri Learning Standards. We use age appropriate activities to ensure mastery of concepts.  All STEMMie's are assessed before their individualized plan is created. Our 1:6 teacher to student ratio is designed to individualize instruction to meet all our student's needs. 

Little S.T.E.M.'s  (Pre-k/K)

Our Pre-K/K Classroom is our feeder into Kindergarten. Here, we focus on Missouri Learning Standards for Kindergarten mastery. Our Kindergarten room is exploratory with STEM centers and a reading center. When our STEMMie's go through our Little S.T.E.M.'s Classroom, they are ready for first grade concepts!

Our Little S.T.E.M. Centers

Science Center:

The Science Centers is designed to mirror science labs.  Students will go through the experimental design process and learn to be critical thinkers while making observations and hypothesize about specific science concepts. 

Technology Center:

The Technology Center provides little learners with the opportunity to use age appropriate technology to further enhance curriculum concepts.

Engineering Center:

In the Engineering Center, students will be able to work together to construct models that allow them show and apply what they know about what they are learning.  Students will have free play in the engineering center for exploratory learning.

Mathematics Center:

The Math Center is designed to have all the tools to resemble a mathematics center in a classroom.  Students minds will be engaged with the instruction and the space that promotes mathematical thinking. 

Art Center:

The Kendyl Art Center is designed to have all the tools to allow our STEMmie's to have a true freedom of expression moment! You will find artwork all around you. 


Literacy Corner:

Kori's Literacy Corner is designed to have all the tools to allow our STEMmie's to truly indulge in literature. Kori's Literacy Corner provides the opportunity for every STEMmie to see themselves and others in stories!

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